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    So it's been 3 days...

    I've started working on making the unit pages neat and tidy. I've got a decent "framework" I'm working on, it looks quite neat and contains all the needed info. Done with Common, Uncommon and Rare on the Survival side. Today, just been doing small data inputs. Also, done a few Epic's too (like Machine Gunner).

    It has been quite a hassle as the initial setup of the pages aren't great. They are at least nice to work from, but far from correctly setup (don't know what some of the tables where intended for). Things are on pages that is a little useless, a lot of places where "brains" should be changed to "food" or maybe "dna" to "supplies". Sometimes even "brains" to "supplies". :P

    Considering removing the table on all the …

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