A person with 170 supplies.

Supplies are a resource found on the Survivor side of the game. They can be used used for training Survivor units.

Supplies are represented as a wooden crate on the map screen.


Like Food, Supplies can be gathered in the Resources section in the hub menu. Here, Survivor units can be used to increase the rate of collection and maximum collection capacity by filling jobs. To fill a job, a unit must be at least level 1, 8, 14, or 35 to enter the first, second, third and forth slots.

Supplies can be obtained through disbanding your units, where the higher level and greater rarity your unit is, the more supplies are provided.

Guild Raids is another method to obtain many supplies, as raids reword the player at the end of each level with supplies instead of Food.


Supplies are used in the Training section to upgrade units from one level to the next. The higher a unit's level and the generation in its line determine how many supplies are needed to upgrade them. As a result, they can be used up quickly.

Ex: If a Firefighter and Fire Chief are at the same level, the Fire Chief will require more resources.


  • The supplies are used in the same way as DNA on the inflected side.