Stimz bottle


Stim Z is a skill that can be upgraded by using brains (infected) or food (survivors). The time required to upgrade this skill can be lowered by joining a guild that is level 10+ (5% faster) or 22+(10% faster).


Increases unit damage by 1% for 4 seconds



  • Decreases stim-z's cooldown from 20 to 18 seconds


  • Increases stim-z's duration from 4 to 5 seconds

Adrenal Overload

  • Also decreases unit attack cooldown and duration by 15%

Protein Bonding

  • Decreases stim-z's cooldown from 18 to 16 seconds

Anabolic Steroids

  • Also increases unit damage by 25%


  • Increases stim-z's duration from 5 to 6 seconds


  • Also increases unit dodge chance to 20% Survivor
  • Also increases movement speed by 50% Infected


  • Decreases stim-z's cooldown from 16 to 14 seconds

Cellular Regeneration

  • Affected units also heal 200 hitpoints per second

Name Upgrade Cost Time Required
Solubility 1000 1d 0h
Absorption 2000 2d 0h
Adrenal Overload 5000 3d 0h
Protein Bonding 10000 4d 0h
Anabolic Steroids 25000 5d 0h
Metabolization 50000 6d 0h
Plyometrics 100000 7d 0h
Pharmacokinetics 250000 8d 0h
Cellular Regeneration 500000 9d 0h