Guild Bars are a resource found on both sides of the game. They can be used used for severactions within a guild, such as unlocking new raids, purchasing from the guild shop and extending raids.

Build Bars are represented as golden bars in the guild menu screen.


Unlike most other resources, Guild Bars are collected in one way: assignments/hunts every day. These assignments will always require trophies from either a Campaign city, a Raid city or PvP.

Note however, that these assignments only appear when the user is in a Guild, as they themselves cannot hold Guild Bars.


Guild Bars can be spend within the Guild by players with the Leader and Officer rankings. They can then use them for several purposes:

  • Spending on new Raids, unlocking them forever for the Guild to use.
  • Extending current Raids, allowing for trophies to not be wasted and increase the chance to complete the raid.
  • Spending on Guild Items, allowing for Officers and Leaders to give items to guildmates.


Since they are counted as assignments, it will help the player collect the bonus pack for completing enough assignments by two (two per day compared to one).

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