City Recommended Team Power (N/H/E) Trophy Reward (N/H/E) Guild Exp (Normal) Guild Exp (Hard) Guild Exp (Expert) Rewards 1st Rewards 2nd-10th Rewards 11th-50th Rewards 51st-200th Rewards 200th +
London [tel:[tel:150/375/1200 150 150/375/1200 150]/375/1200] [tel:[tel:200/400/800 200 200/400/800 200]/400/800] Legendary pack, XX coins Epic Pack, XX coins Rare Pack, XX coins Uncommon Pack, XX coins

Rome [tel:[tel:250/1200/3000 250 250/1200/3000 250]/1200/3000]

Barcelona [tel:[tel:600/3800/4650 600 600/3800/4650 600]/3800/4650] [tel:[tel:200/400/800 200 200/400/800 200]/400/800]
Hong Kong
Shanghai [tel:[tel:500/3550/4550 500 500/3550/4550 500]/3550/4550] [tel:[tel:200/400/800 200 200/400/800 200]/400/800] Legendary Epic rare Uncommons Uncommon

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