Coins are a resource found on both Survivor and Infected sides of the game. Since they can be spent in many different ways, it is arguably one of the most important resources in the game.

They are represented as a gold coin on the map screen.


Unlike other supplies, Coins cannot naturally be collected by completing normal missions.

However, a player can collect coins in numerous ways.

  • Completing Hunts and Assignments will reward one-three coin packs containing 5 coins and sometimes gives more per pack.
  • Placing high in a Guild Raid, PvP Rank or Faction Wars.
  • Completing coin checkpoints in Campaign Missions.
  • Random drop during normal games.
  • Purchase with real money.


They are multi-purposeful, able to speed up unit leveling and skills, buy unit packs from the pack shop, unlock more level chambers or to purchase other resources like Brains, DNA, Cans, Crates and Guild Bars.

  • To maximize coin efficiently when speeding up upgrades and units, make sure to wait just after the coin cost is decreased so the cheaper cost will produce a much more efficient coin/time ratio.
  • Pack deals from the shop can expire over time and be replaced by other deals, so make sure you buy when an effective unit is featured. Guild Perks also enables costs in the shop to become lower.
  • Unlocking chambers should be a top priority, as once they are purchased they will remain unlocked.
  • Purchasing resources (except for bars) should be done sparingly, as they all can be collected and farmed much more easily than coins in most cases. Bars can be purchased, which may be a better option due to the limited options to obtain them.


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