Campaign Cities

City Recommended Team Power (N/H/E)

Food Cost (N/H/E)

Food Winnings (Up to)(N/H/E) Guild Exp (Expert) Completion Rewards (Survivors) Completion Rewards (Infected)
San Francisco [tel:70/650/3600 70/650/3600] [tel:130/650/1040 130/650/1040] 30 60 Flare Flare
Vancouver [tel:75/1000/4000 75/1000/4000] 4 34 Outlaw Colossus
New Orleans [tel:100/1400/4400 100/1400/4400] 5 40 Handyman Biohazard
Mexico City [tel:125/1800/4800 125/1800/4800] 12 44 72 Commander Zeta Dr. Zombiwitz III
Lima [tel:150/2200/5000 150/2200/5000] 7 48 Fire Chief Defiler
Rio de Janeiro [tel:200/2750/5300 200/2750/5300] 18 Molotov Drone-Geyser
Cape Town [tel:300/3200/5500 300/3200/5500] 10 Combat Medic Foulmouth
Nairobi [tel:400/3600/5700 400/3600/5700] 24 Machine Gunner Titan
Dakar [tel:500/4000/5800 500/4000/5800] 26 Commando Daredevil
Cairo [tel:650/4400/5900 650/4400/5900] 30 Hero Upgrade Hero Upgrade
Istanbul [tel:800/4800/6000 800/4800/6000] 16 Spec Ops Mortician
Moscow [tel:1000/5000/6150 1000/5000/6150] 17 Researcher Sprinter
Mumbai [tel:1200/5300/6250 1200/5300/6250] 38 Surgeon Cesspool
Bangkok [tel:1400/5500/6300 1400/5500/6300] Scattershot Reanimator
Jakarta [tel:1600/5700/6350 1600/5700/6350] Hero Upgrade Destrucktor Mk II (jumps to lvl 21) Hero Upgrade Shocktor Zombiwatts (jumps to lvl 21)
Manila [tel:1600/5700/6350 1600/5700/6350] Dead Shot Assassin
Survivor Quick Fight Requirements Infected Quick Fight Requirements

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