• Miss Renegade

    Navigation Menu

    September 25, 2015 by Miss Renegade

    This morning I noticed that the navigation menu (for some reason) no longer takes you to the required pages, I have updated the links to the proper pages required, and it direct links from the edit preview menu, but will not do so once saved.  I will be looking into this further over the weekend.  

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  • I am Fabolous

    New category plz

    April 2, 2015 by I am Fabolous

    Can someone make a category for the Stim Z,flare,drone geysars and molotov,I need to edit these stuff :)

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  • I am Fabolous

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone,I just started contributing the wiki yesterday,and edited the Musketeer page,but I just cant figure how to edit the stats table thingy.Can someone help me plz?


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  • Brajohn

    Hi yall, so I'm sure you all are already aware of the new update that all but removed quickfight completely from the game. I was just wondering what everyone's opinions on that are?

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  • SwordzFTH


    March 23, 2015 by SwordzFTH

    I will be editing the survivors pages daily with new information I receive from my game.  This is the only side that I play and if anyone has something to add or would like me to change about my contributions please let me know.  Thank you for your feed back!

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  • Zizzy ZA

    So it's been 3 days...

    I've started working on making the unit pages neat and tidy. I've got a decent "framework" I'm working on, it looks quite neat and contains all the needed info. Done with Common, Uncommon and Rare on the Survival side. Today, just been doing small data inputs. Also, done a few Epic's too (like Machine Gunner).

    It has been quite a hassle as the initial setup of the pages aren't great. They are at least nice to work from, but far from correctly setup (don't know what some of the tables where intended for). Things are on pages that is a little useless, a lot of places where "brains" should be changed to "food" or maybe "dna" to "supplies". Sometimes even "brains" to "supplies". :P

    Considering removing the table on all the …

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