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• 11/27/2017

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• 10/8/2015


So I took a few days to ponder and here's what I'm thinking.
1) Seeing as we now have some wonderful tables (listed below), re-entering this information into individualized characters is particularly redundant and I believe muddies up each character page.
a) Unit-leveling
b) Team-power/level
c) Consume/disband amounts
d) Family trees
2) In terms of other data, let's take a gander (for example) at the Timberbeast (no doubt, BEST Survivor unit in the game). I have a Lvl 42, a 25 and a 1. In looking at each of them, the only stats which alter as leveling happens is Team Power, Deployment Cooldown, Health, Damage, Damage/Sec Duration (only because of perk) and Area of Affect (also because of perk). So really, of the data which DOES alter with leveling, the pointless data in my opinion is Deployment Cooldown for sure. In terms of damage, I personally don't see a ton of reason to chart this out. How useful is it to someone to know what damage a character will do at Level 10 vs Level 35? Once you're there, how much are they doing? Problem solved. If someone has to ask "but I want to compare Firechief with Lumberjack", they are first of all asking the wrong questions. Those two tanks are useful for different reasons and quite frankly, damage is not relevant. 
3) I have a GREATLY expanded version of the Unit-leveling table which I will start working on the edits next week.
4) For data on what cities a certain character is found, honestly, I really think it would just be best to honor T-Bone and his awesome table/chart by simply linking to it and directing people there rather than re-inventing the wheel and posting the data in a different format. Know what I mean?
5) As far as unit specific data, such as Gunsmith and Delinquents, I can deffinitely see the value in populating a table for it. I guess we as a group should perhaps do this, if the data we are entering is static (say, cooldown for example), do NOT include it at all. If it increases slightly due to a perk, again, do NOT include it. If however the data is unique to the character and obviously changes with leveling, I do believe that is useful data.
Thoughts anyone?
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• 7/5/2015

How do i get the perk if i already skipped the level? Please answer, thanks!

How do i get the perk if i alrealy skipped the level?
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• 6/4/2015

New units to be added to wiki

Hey guys could you add the new units i.e. Chef, Gormandizer, Icebox, Cold Snap, etc.
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• 4/27/2015

Daily Assignments

Hey guys,
newbie here...big surprise eh? Anyway i wanna ask you guys regarding the survivors daily assignment. I am required to deploy 20 gunslingers but no matter how many times i deploy them the mission bar remain on zero
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• 4/25/2015

The New Update

As you know, a new update has been released so that means new units. Thus, we need to add pages for the new units like the Chef, Rancher, Blackbelt, Grandslammer, and many more. Also new updates for Qucikfights and Daily Tasks. This means more pages. Just wanted to say this for the wiki.
-A Wiki Contributer
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• 4/23/2015

Move units before starting waves?

Is it possible to move units from one starting location to another before hitting the "start waves" button?
I can appreciate not being able to move them after the horde begins its attack, but I sometimes make mistakes when placing my first units.
Thanks in advance,
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• 4/4/2015

Photo of my New Kitten!!!

My new kitten, I named him Hairball.
[Kiiten Pic[1]]
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• 3/25/2015
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• 3/21/2015

linking different pages?

Some units are extremely alike e.g. shade and assassin. Should we categorise them or link them together as they're almost identical besides the statistics differences. We could put some links at the bottom of the page if it helps anyone?
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• 3/9/2015

A new page for Rarities of units

We need a page for the rarities of units so we know how often the chances of let's say, an epic, is
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• 3/6/2015

Starting a Guild

I have started my own guild, but I'm not sure how to go about getting my guild seen so that people join. I remember when looking to join a guild, you only see a few suggested guilds in a little list.
Does anyone know of a way to 'promote' your guild in-game, so that it gets seen and people join??
Or am I stuck being a one-man-band forever?! :P
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• 3/5/2015

World Zombination guild war strategy

For a new guild, it can be tough getting to the 75,000 points required for tier 3 rewards. I ran some initial numbers, and here's a rough guide for getting there. It will take some preparation and coordination, but overall it shouldn't be too hard, even for a fairly new guild.
First, you need about 10 active players who are willing to coordinate and be online. This is the hardest part, the rest is nuance.
The 10 active members will each need about 8,000 food to pull off the attacks.
Each player, set up your army so you have at least 12 units with 90 power; these will be your team leaders. Make sure you have at least a total of 80 units, everything but the 12 can be lvl1 common units.

You will ONLY BE USING QUICK ATTACKS. Anything else will not give you the 375 trophies, and will use up your high-value characters too fast.
Set up your attacks like this: team leader, 6 trash lvl1 units. This will give you 150 power, which is what you need for a quick attack. Each setup like this will give you 375 trophies.
With a mostly-full army roster, you can get 4500 trophies every 45 minutes after your units rest.
Each player needs to do this twice, and you'll have 90,000 trophies - voila! Rewards all around.
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• 3/2/2015

Best Common Survivor

I think the Sniper is by far the best Common Survivor.  In my opinion, it's a waste of resources to level up any other Common Survivor because there are much better Uncommon, Rare, and Epic units.  However, the Sniper is a viable option because he is able to deal a massive amount of damage and if he's leveled up to 30 or more he's able to take out practically any Zombie unit regardless if they have armor or not.
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• 3/1/2015

Combine units to evolve?

In the evolve section there is a square that says , "Evolve! Combine with a Unit of the same type that is not upgrading, on your team, or collecting."
Would someone explain what this means and how to do it?
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• 2/22/2015

Guild War

Does the exp you gain towards the guild war show in the guild's level?
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• 2/20/2015

How can I get gold coins?

I want to get them without buying them.
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